Night to Unite 2019

night to unite.jpgTuesday, August 6

Night to Unite is observed annually on the first Tuesday of August.

Night to Unite is an effective and fun way to get to know your neighbors and prevent crime. This is a chance for neighbors to turn on their lights, lock their doors, and come together to strengthen their neighborhood bonds.
Each neighborhood decides how they want to celebrate Night to Unite. Gatherings can be as elaborate or as simple as you like -- block parties, ice cream socials, live music, parades, kids’ games, potlucks, pizza parties, and barbeques. Gatherings will be visited by the Police Department, the Fire Department, elected officials, and other city staff. Night to Unite has proven to be an effective, inexpensive and enjoyable program to promote neighborhood bonds and police-community partnerships. The benefits our community will derive from Night to Unite will most certainly extend well beyond the night.

The city will no longer be providing any type of barricades or traffic cones to block or restrict traffic on a city street for non-city functions. In the past the city would occasionally provide these items, but due to an increase in demand, they will no longer be provided. Please remember it is against state law to place items in the roadway.

For questions please contact Sgt. Adam Wiederhoeft by email or call 651-450-2529.

2019 Registration

Let us help your neighborhood celebrate! Parks & Recreation, police and/or Fire staff will come to your party and pass out some freebies while visiting with you and your neighbors. But you must apply! Pre-registration is required by July 31.

Please complete the form, select who you would like to be at your event (Police, Fire or Parks & Recreation):

For questions, contact Sgt. Adam Wiederhoeft by email or call 651-450-2529.