What Will be Included in the Fire Station?

This fire station was designed to include apparatus bays for the fire trucks, a training room, some administrative offices, workout/locker rooms, dormitories, kitchen, day room, work rooms, dispatch area, and many built-in training props allowing the firefighters to stay in the city to get their required training.

  • When firefighters have to travel outside the city to receive training, that takes valuable resources away from the city and costs more money because of the distance traveling to and from these other locations.

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1. Why Does the City Need a New Fire Station?
2. Does a New Fire Station Mean the Closure of Another Station?
3. What Will be Included in the Fire Station?
4. Will Firefighters Be Present at the Station 24/7?
5. How Much Will This Cost Taxpayers?
6. Will the New Fire Station Affect My Fire Insurance Rating or How Much I Pay for Insurance?
7. How Did the City Select the Fire Station's Location?
8. With this New Fire Station will you Increase the Number of your Fire Trucks?
9. Will the New Fire Station have an In-House Ambulance Service?
10. Can We Tour the New Fire Station?