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Recycling Terms & Symbols
  • Recycling: Collecting, preparing, and remanufacturing recyclable materials into new products that are purchased and used
  • Post-Consumer Recycled Content: Containing materials that consumers have used and recycled
  • Pre-Consumer Recycled Content: Containing materials generated in manufacturing, such as damaged or obsolete products, overruns and trimmings. Does not include materials commonly re-used in the manufacturing process
  • Commingled Waste: A mixture of several recyclables in one container
  • Contamination (of recyclable materials): Inadequate sorting of recyclable materials so as to interfere with the clean processing of the recyclables. Mixing cans with bottles, or cardboard with paper are examples of contamination.


Recycling Symbol

You have probably seen this symbol many times. The recycling symbol is found on many products. Do you know why this symbol has three chasing arrows? Each arrow represents one step in the three step process that completes the recycling "loop". Each step is explained below.
Recycling Symbol The first arrow stands for collection. Collection is when you put your recyclable materials into your curbside recycling bin or take them to a recycling center. The collected materials are then prepared to be marketed and are sold to a manufacturing facility.
Recycling Symbol The second arrow represents the manufacturing of the collected materials. The recyclable materials are converted into new products and distributed to stores across the country to be sold as new consumer goods.
Recycling Symbol The third arrow represents the step in which you, the consumer, purchase products made with recycled content. When you purchase recycled products, you complete the recycling loop.
Recycled paperboard symbol This symbol is used to designate products and packages made with 100% recycled paperboard. Paperboard is not currently recycled in Inver Grove Heights, but by purchasing products packaged in recycled paperboard you are supporting the demand for products packaged in containers constructed of recycled materials.
Recycling Symbols These symbols are used to designate different types of plastics. Products made from, or packaged in, plastic must be separated when recycled. Each type of plastic has unique qualities which prohibits it from being re-processed with other types of plastics. The only plastic containers currently recycled in Inver Grove Heights are bottles with a neck (milk containers, soda bottles, juice containers, etc.).

The presence of a recycling symbol on a plastic container does not mean it is recyclable in Inver Grove Heights.