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Upcoming Programs and Events
Women's Mountain Bike Clinic (ages 16-up)
If you are looking to learn how to ride or looking for more experience, this free clinic is a great way to gain confidence and skills. We will walk you through the steps for becoming the rider you want to be. Some bikes will be available for demo. Offered in partnership with Penn Cycle. 

Wed., Aug. 31
6-8 pm

New! Dance Lessons (ages 16-up)
Lessons are taught by Dance and Entertainment owner, Tricia Wood. 

Swing Dance Series: Learn Single-Time East Coast Swing, Triple-Time East Coast Swing and West Coast Swing. Will be able to dance to R & B, blues, country, 50's rock n' roll and modern pop music. 

Country Dance Series: Learn Country 2-Step, Waltz and Line dances - the dances that cover the widest variety of music played at country dance venues. 

Wedding Dance Series: Learn Waltz, Rumba and Swing - the most useful dances that cover the widest variety of modern pop music and traditional ballroom music you'll hear played at wedding receptions and galas. 

Session 1: 
Friday, Sept. 30-Oct. 21  6:30 pm   Country Dance   AP-F100
                                     7:30 pm   Swing Dance     AP-F101

Session 2: 

Friday, Oct. 28-Nov. 18   6:30 pm   Wedding Dance   AP-F102
                                    7:30 pm    Swing Dance      AP-F103

Register at least one week in advance. 
VMCC, Studio
$60 per class per person

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