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Upcoming Programs and Events
New! Dance Lessons (ages 16-up)
Lessons are taught by Dance and Entertainment owner, Tricia Wood. 

Swing Dance Series: Learn Single-Time East Coast Swing, Triple-Time East Coast Swing and West Coast Swing. Will be able to dance to R & B, blues, country, 50's rock n' roll and modern pop music. 

Country Dance Series: Learn Country 2-Step, Waltz and Line dances - the dances that cover the widest variety of music played at country dance venues. 

Wedding Dance Series: Learn Waltz, Rumba and Swing - the most useful dances that cover the widest variety of modern pop music and traditional ballroom music you'll hear played at wedding receptions and galas. 

Friday, Oct. 28-Nov. 18   6:30 pm   Wedding Dance   AP-F102
                                    7:30 pm    Swing Dance      AP-F103

Register at least one week in advance. 
VMCC, Studio
$60 per class per person

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