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Specialty Fitness Classes
Enroll online in our fitness specialty programs.

 Classes include:
  • Amazing Arms: Strengthen and tone your arms with this great strength training class
  • Back to Balance: Improve balance and coordination; focus on strengthening lower body
  • Boot Camp/Outdoor Boot Camp: Push limits in a fun, motivating atmosphere. 30-minutes of cardio and 30-minutes of structured weights
  • Boxing Camp: High-intensity drills; a great cardiovascular workout
  • Cycle & Abs: Great class involving cardio and abs
  • Cycle & Strength: Time efficient, safe and effective workout with 30-minutes of group cycle and 30-minutes of strength training
  • INSTAFIT: For teens ages 10-17 to help increase balance, endurance, speed and strength
           Check out this great story on Instafit!
  • Karma Kids: Yoga poses for your younger ones!
  • Kettle Bell: Use your core muscles, strength and flexibility to sculpt your body
  • Move & Shout: Great class for those with Parkinson's or other health limitations
  • Strength Training Circuit: Build muscle and bone density safely and feel comfortable in the weight room
  • TRX: Full body training system that builds strength, endurance, mobility and power
  • TRX Bell: Train your body with Suspension Training and Kettle Bells. Elevate your heart rate and strengthen your whole body.
  • Beginning Yoga/Yoga for Mental Health: Learn Yoga as a form of therapy. For those that need individual attention and pose modifications.
  • Weight Loss Support Group: Educate yourself to make better food choices. Set goals and hold yourself accountable. Receive support from others on your weight loss journey.