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Rental Housing License
Rental Housing Licensing Requirements
The City Council is considering a draft ordinance that would regulate rental housing. The purpose of the proposed ordinance is to assure proper maintenance of structures so as to preserve neighborhood stability, protect the quality of existing rental housing stock, and maintain property values.  The ordinance would also provide basic life/safety and living standards for renters.

The draft ordinance requires all owners of rental property, including apartments, townhomes, and single family residences that are being rented, to obtain a City license every two years.  Rental property owners would also have to comply with the International Property Maintenance Code.  That code provides minimum standards for building maintenance, property maintenance, light, ventilation, pests, garbage collection, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, and fire safety.  A license fee of $25 per unit would be required.  City staff would inspect rental units upon complaint.

Draft Ordinance

International Property Code