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60th Street Area Reconstruction
At its May 9, 2016 meeting, the City Council awarded the 60th Street Area Reconstruction project to Park Construction Company.  The 60th Street Area Reconstruction project (City Project No. 2016-09D) also includes the 60th Street Area Utility Improvements (City Project No. 2016-10) and the Northwest Area Trunk Watermain Improvements (Phase 1), 65th Street Loop (City Project No. 2015-12).

The Assessment Map
Assessment Map

Project Schedule and Progress

Weekly Update

The project working hours are from 7 am to 7 pm Monday through Saturday.  If you notice the contractor working before 7 am or after 7 pm, please call the local police.  For after-hours access or safety issues and for all emergencies, please call the police (911).

In general, construction will proceed in the following order:

• Removal of pavement, driveway aprons, curb, trees, and boulevard landscaping
• Sanitary sewer and water main rehabilitation and improvements
• Installation of storm sewer improvements
• Excavation and construction of the new road bed including drain tile
• Installation of new curb and gutter and concrete driveway aprons
• Installation of the base lift of blacktop pavement and blacktop driveway aprons
• The boulevards will be graded and new topsoil and seed will be applied
• Final lift of asphalt planned for completion by October.

Water Main and Sewer System Work and Notifications
As a result of the water main work, water service interruptions will occur.  The shutdowns will take place on weekdays between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. The Utility Division will provide 48 hours notice of these interruptions – please be observant of the City’s door hanger cards that will be placed on your front door.  If you or someone in your residence has special needs that require a constant supply of water please contact the Utility Division as soon as possible at 651-450-4309 or 651-450-2565. 

It is common to experience water discoloration, air in water, or low pressure shortly after a water main shut-down until the system gets back to normal.  If you experience these problems more than 24 hours after the water has been turned back on, or if you experience problems with your sanitary sewer service, please contact the Utility Division.  For water or sewer service concerns that need to be addressed outside of normal business hours (7:00 am to 3:30 pm) contact the Dakota County Communication Center at 651-322-2323 and ask to have the Inver Grove Heights Duty Person contact you.

Access and Parking
During construction working hours there will be times when your driveway is blocked or inaccessible, and you may need to park and walk a short distance.  You will need to allow for additional travel time to accommodate the contractor’s activities.  The contractor is in charge of traffic control.  Parking (at your own risk) is available at the Asher Water Tower, along Asher Avenue off of Upper 55th, and along the south curb of the Salem Hills Elementary School building.  Emergency access is always maintained or available.  Limited access to your property will be maintained during construction.  Driveways will be ramped as needed during the project, and fully accessible from 7 pm to 7 am.  If you have a disability or special needs, please contact Nick Hahn, City Inspector, at 651-470-6767.

Parking Map


Irrigation Systems, Invisible Fences, and Custom Landscaping
If you have an irrigation system, invisible fence and/or landscaping located within 15 feet of the street, please have it relocated prior to the start of the project.  The City will not be restoring private facilities in the right-of-way.  You may reinstall the private facilities any time after the topsoil is placed in your boulevard and graded.

Driveway Replacement Program
If you are interested in replacing or changing the surface of your entire driveway, you may want to participate in the City’s Driveway Replacement Program.  This program provides a means for homeowners, who follow the required procedure and pave the portion of the driveway that would have been restored by the City to qualify for a $307.00 credit toward their special assessment for the City project.  Further information on this program can be found here: 

Brochure Driveway Restoration Program

Residential Driveway Restoration Program

Other Important Information

Turf Maintenance Flyer

May 11, 2016 Construction Letter

May 23, 2016 Resident Letter