Night to Unite 2020

night to unite.jpgStay safe while you celebrate with your neighbors!

Tuesday, October 6

Night to Unite is typically observed annually on the first Tuesday of August. However, in light of COVID-19, it has been rescheduled to Oct. 6.

Night to Unite will be a little different due to social distancing. There is no need to register your party this year, but extra patrols will be out in our neighborhoods. Officers will be encouraged to stop by gatherings they see that are following Stay Safe MN guidelines for COVID-19 (  We hope things are back to normal for Night to Unite 2021!

The city will no longer be providing any type of barricades or traffic cones to block or restrict traffic on a city street for non-city functions. In the past the city would occasionally provide these items, but due to an increase in demand, they will no longer be provided. Please remember it is against state law to place items in the roadway.

For questions please contact Sgt. Adam Wiederhoeft by Email or call 651-450-2529.