Tender Trucks

Tenders are used to shuttle water to the fire scene and can hold a large amount of water. It draws water filling the tank. The water is then delivered to a drop tank (large portable folding pool) at the scene of the fire. The tender then returns to the water source to refill. During a working fire, a tender may make many trips between the water source and the fire scene.

A tender is dispatched to any structure fire in an area of the city not served by hydrants and to all structure fires in the winter (in case hydrants freeze up).

Tender 14

  • Make/Model: Freightliner FL80Tender 14
  • Year: 2003
  • Manufacturer: Midwest Fire Equipment and Repair Co.
  • Location: Station 3
  • Description: Tender 14 is a dedicated water tender shuttle built to serve the rural South End areas of Inver Grove Heights, where large swathes of land are not fed by city water.  Tender 14 carries 2200 gallons of water that can be gravity dropped into a 3000 gallon drop tank, pumped with its small 380 gpm pump, or fed directly to an Engine.  Tender 14 also features a topside sign board for traffic control.  It can carry three firefighters.